Freedom's Process


Sunday - 9AM and 11AM | Wednesday - 7PM All of Freedom's Services are available via our LiveStream.

Freedom's Process

We believe the Boardwalk, the Beach and the Ocean paint a beautiful picture of our desire to "Love God, Love One Another and Serve the World

The purpose of Freedom Fellowship is to help people become totally free through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by providing awesome environments where people can love God and love each other and serve the world.

Our process is experienced like a trip to the oceanfront on a beautiful day. First you step to the Boardwalk where you can enjoy the view, take a stroll and be a part of the community. Or perhaps you are ready to kick off your flip-flops and get some sand between your toes as you step onto the beach. Here you and some friends will spend some time getting to know one another as you share a day in the sunshine. However, you can’t stay on the beach forever. The surf calls you to enjoy some time in the water. You may want to grab a board and catch a wave or head out to the pier and toss your fishing line into the deeper water. The ocean offers limitless possibilities to surfers and those who long for adventure in the deep...

The Boardwalk…

At Freedom our gatherings on Sundays and Wednesdays are what we call “BOARDWALK” environments. That’s how we’ve designed your first environment at Freedom Fellowship. When you first come you may not know everyone but you won't be able to miss our commonality as people who are here to "LOVE GOD". Every worship gathering is a place for all of us to “Love God Together.” We want you to enjoy the sights and sounds as you step into a place where you can experience how awesome God is!

We do everything we can to make sure your Sunday and Wednesday experience connects you to a spectacular view of Heaven. Each area of our church also has its own “boardwalk”, our children have Freedom Kid's during Sunday worship. Our youth have Access Worship on Wednesdays. These environments are where most people will experience Freedom for the first time, and they serve as the perfect place to introduce newcomers to the life of Freedom Fellowship. So, feel free to relax and take a stroll on Freedom’s boardwalk.

Boardwalk Times
Sunday Worship service: 9am, 11am, and 6pm
Wednesday Worship and Discipeship: 7pm

The Beach…

Sooner or later, you just have to grab a chair, a blanket, some family friends, and a frisbee and step off of the boardwalk and into the sand together. Welcome to the "BEACH". It’s where people actually and practically "LOVE EACH OTHER" as they become more vulnerable and interact with others as family. Here the joy of the oceanfront is experienced on whole new level. At Freedom Fellowship, our Beach is where people truly begin to feel like they are at home. We want everyone to connect with people like yourself in smaller communities, home groups, ministry groups, men and women's groups, specialty groups like Living Waters, Relational Discipleship, Kinship and other opportunities . It’s where we get involved with one another and practically love each other. Smaller and more interactive than the Boardwalk, these gatherings offer genuine opportunity to begin relationships that will last a lifetime.

The Ocean…

As the sun heats you up the ocean calls for you to take the plunge. Whether you’re a wader, a surfer, fisherman, or sailor on an aircraft carrier, the "OCEAN" supports your purpose. At Freedom we provide an environment to help you "SERVE THE WORLD" through your ministry gifts. No one wants to stay on the beach forever, there's to much to do for the cause of the gospel. Whether it’s serving through a ministry of the local church, becoming a leader, or launching what has been in your heart – Freedom will help position you to discover and implement God’s purpose in your life.